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About DRV Institute

The DRV Institute of Management focuses on business training so new and existing businesses can grow. DRV Institute of Management is certified in Broward County, Florida as County Business Enterprise (CBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE). The primary goal is to help individuals become effective managers/leaders where they can be in strategic positions and have competitive advantages in today’s business environment. We are a team of business practitioners (managers) and education professionals with graduate degrees and over 20 years of experience. Our trainers are experts and have a wealth of hands-on experience in their respective fields. We believe in practical education/training and provide the type of training that is missing at many educational institutions. We understand most people (recent university graduates) are not ready to manage companies effectively or operate businesses the right way. We are ready to help! The Institute provides the skills that global students or professionals like you need to succeed.

We Support Our Community

We believe in practical education and online education is the way to go because of globalization and technological growth.

Our President, Dario serves as a mentor for high school students in Broward County, Florida.  He visits local schools as a guest speaker and speaks with students about ways to secure employment, the importance of education, and best business practices & trends taking place today. He also serves as an advisory board member at several universities and provides his management expertise for business programs.

About the Founder & President

Dr. Dario Vasquez

President of DRV Institute of Management, a certified County Business Enterprise (CBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firm in Broward County, Florida.

Dario is a business expert with theoretical and practical experiences in business and academia. He is a business & management consultant where he consults with business establishments particularly in hospitality, the food service sector. Dario likes helping people (business owners, students, employees) by sharing his management as well as industry expertise. He has taught & developed hospitality and management courses at various universities. Some of the courses include: Customer Service, Restaurant Management, Tourism, and Supervision in hospitality, International Business & Management, Human Resources. Dario’s international experiences include Argentina, the Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and Uruguay. He is the author of the book titled “Managing Customer Service: A Practical Guide to Thrive” and several peer-reviewed articles. The following article has been cited many times worldwide: Employee Retention for Economic Stabilization: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study in the Hospitality Sector.

Dario’s educational background is as follows:

A Doctorate in management, an MBA with a concentration in leadership for managers and a Bachelor of Science in hospitality management. He is a Certified ServSafe Instructor and Proctor by the National Restaurant Association of USA.

Books & Publications


Business Coaching

Managing Customer Service A Practical Guide to Thrive.

Qualitive Study

Employee Retention for Economic Stabilization: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study in the Hospitality Sector.


Quality Publication

Quality Customer Service: Five Things You Should Do To Achieve Care Excellence in the Higher Education Sector

The Team

Dr. Dario Vasquez

Founder & President of DRV Institute of Management

Business expert with theoretical and practical experiences in business and academia. He is a professor of management, business & academic consultant where he consults with small and large business establishments as well as academic institutions.

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Global Trade Chamber
  • Academy of Management
  • Sigma Beta Delta
  • The Hospitality Industry Network (NEWH).

​Dr. Paul van Putten

Editor in Chief

Paul van Putten Ph.D. is a dynamic presenter, lecturer, entrepreneur and author who specializes in the areas of social entrepreneurship, academia and media. Dr. van Putten has presented to thousands, both nationally and internationally, and has served as lead consultant on numerous projects with various national and multinational corporations and non-profit organizations.
As an academician Dr. Paul van Putten has served as a University President, Vice President of academics and Program Administrator and Instructor. In the area of entrepreneurship he has served as Director of Program and Project Development, Executive Producer and Senior Project Developer.

Chris Cunningham

English Teacher

Teaching since 1998. I have taught every grade level from 6th grade through college. I am certified to teach English, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, and Special Education in the state of Florida.I have taught at public, private, charter, and online schools. I am currently the General Education Chairperson at a local College in Fort Lauderdale and the Director of Tutoring. In addition, I teach the Essentials English classes.

  • Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Miami, FL
  • Masters of Science in Administration from St. Thomas University

Dr. John H. Parker

Business Strategist & Associate Editor

Dr. John H. Parker is an accomplished leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in improving operational efficiency and increasing profitability in corporate and SME environments. Dr. Parker has over 15 years of executive leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies and institutions of higher education, having served as President of Brown Mackie College-OKC, Area Director Finance for Argosy University, and Sr. Business Operations Manager for Arizona State University, Finance Manager for Warner Bros., and Regional Assistant Controller for the Hertz Corporation.
​Dr. Parker is a natural born leader and educator with a penchant for helping others. He is a speaker, professor, financial literacy coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. 

Tiffany Rose Calestina

English Teacher

Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University. Major in Hospitality Management with an emphasis on hotel management. Certified in Business Management and Operations, Guest Service Management, and Event Management. Studied abroad in China and Italy. In China,  studied “Business and Management” and in Italy, “Italian” and “Historical Geology”.
With participation in the Political Science Club as  Membership Director, where I assisted in the organization of community service and political speaker events. I chose the hospitality industry because of my passion for service.

Prof. Danika Smith-Josiah

MBA, Global Management

Danika Smith-Josiah has been a Hospitality Leader, Trainer, and Educator for more than 19 years. She helps businesses to solve complex client related issues, achieve top 5% industry performance, and guest service satisfaction. Danika has an MBA in Global Entrepreneurship from the Florida Atlantic University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Travel and Tourism from the Florida International University; where she was a member of Honor Societies Eta Sigma Delta and Phi Kappa Phi.
She is currently a member of the Association of Talent Development (ATD) and continues to pursue her passion for training, and most recently became a professor at the DRV Institute of Management.

Dr. Jonathan T. Small II


Worked in the technology industry for over 12 years. Graduated in 2004  Associate’s of Science degree in Information Technology -Manatee Community College.  Graduated in 2007 Bachelors in Business Administration – Argosy University. Graduated in 2009  Masters in Information Systems and 2013 Doctorate in Business Administration in Management /Information Systems  Dr. Small has also collective a myriad of IT certifications over the years in Cisco, Comptia, Microsoft, EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker, and ITIL v3 Foundation. Dr. Small has been teaching Higher Education for over 6 years in-residence, blended, and fully online.

Professor Jorge G. Treviño, M.A.

English & International Relations

Professor Jorge G. Treviño has been engaged in different professional projects, yet, what he is most passionate about is global education. Designing strategies of collaboration between institutions, providing opportunities for students around the world and conducting research on higher education curricula are some of the issues he has been involved with. Mr. Trevino has been successful in the higher education institutions where he has worked by consolidating study abroad programs, teaching, strengthening the academic content and instilling an international essence.In addition, Jorge G. Trevino is a member of a national research commission in charge of developing a new academic model to be implemented by the system of Mexican technological institutes.


We consulted him prior and during the opening of our Jamaican food truck and followed all his instructions concerning purchasing, taxes, POS system, marketing, employee selection, etc. Today, we are happy with the results. It is now three months since we opened, revenue has increased dramatically, and continues to do so. Within the next year we want to expand into a brick and mortar restaurant and Dr. Dario will definitely continue to be our consultan.



I was looking to go to college, but did not know what I wanted for my future-what major to take or whether going to college was the best way forward for me. A friend of mine told about this company. I contacted them and got the academic advice I needed. The consultants were very helpful and professional. If it were not for them, I am not sure what my life would be like today. I am happy with the service I received. I would recommend that business to anyone because the consultants were caring, very professional, and willing to help.



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