Business Funding

Business funding is vital to keep your company in operation and continue to grow. As a business owner, you might need a little help to excel!  

When you operate a small business, you go through many challenges and one of them is money, which is necessary thrive. Did you know that 80% of big banks are not willing to provide funding for your business?

It is sad, but don’t give up because if your business is generating revenue, there is funding available and you can get working capital, equipment financing, a line of credit, and much more. Revenue-based funding is when you get a business loan based on your monthly income.

The purpose of working capital is to grow because that’s how business works. Why? You don’t make money if you don’t sell. You don’t keep customers if you don’t take good care of them. You don’t keep employees if you don’t have money to cover the payroll.

My goal as a business consultant is to help you employ different management strategies. I am affiliated with a company whose founder could not get business funding from big banks and realized small business owners needed a helping hand.

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