Business Mentor in Plantation Florida

I am Dario Vasquez and I would like to share some of my professional expertise with you today. I have about, more than 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry. So, I worked in hotels, restaurants, and cruise lines so those are companies I have worked in. Also, I have worked in the exporting/importing type of business, basically working between countries. But as you know, hospitality is a big industry, it’s a broad industry that encompasses different areas. In hospitality, someone…The great thing about hospitality is that someone with a business degree or any type of degree would be able to work in hospitality; there are so many departments and areas that all professions are welcome, beneficial, and kind of correlated to hospitality. So, I have more than 17 years in the industry. I have trained and developed a lot of people, a lot of employees, business owners, entrepreneurs, people trying to start businesses.

I have worked in importing/exporting business. I have worked with people between/from the United States, China, Mexico and the like. By the way, talking about different countries, my international experience includes countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, France, Italy, Spain to name a few and I have done some work in some of those countries or travel to, related to work in some of those countries. So, I can provide you what it takes to do business in a particular country versus in your home country, or home city, or home state. And in terms of education, I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management, a Master’s with a concentration in leadership for managers, and a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration, management. And as mentioned, I have trained people in different areas that you will not believe like assisted living facilities or clubs, people from the cruise ship, people from the restaurant industry…Of course, people open in small, beauty salons, cleaning services, or people working in construction. People instilling tiles or something like that, they’re doing interior kind of work. I have worked with those people so that’s why I can work with you.

And I answer my telephone so if you contacted me, I will reply to you. Either you send me a text message, an email, or a call, I will reply to you because my forte is customer service because I believe, a company without good customer service is like a computer without software that isn’t going anywhere so…I believe if you don’t have. If you don’t focus on customers including your employees who are your internal customers, your business is unlikely to survive. That’s the reality and that’s what sometimes I tell some of those people about that so, but I can work with you. I can work with you and I have different programs like management training for a day. In one day, I can teach you what you probably would have to go to school for 18 months to… I have the programs about business coaching, business mentoring, business consulting, and some programs for a few hours, two or three hours something like that. We can work out together and my goals is to work with especially small business owners to help you as a small business owner on how to succeed that you don’t have to invest all that money. Like those large corporations will be charging you without providing services.

So, I work with you, I’m here to help and I would be more than happy to work with you. As mentioned, my area of expertise includes business and education so that basically what it is. I’m not just one who went to work and got a lot of experience and now, I want to pass that information on or someone who went to school and has never managed people, never worked in the industry. So, I’m a combined, what you get with me is a combination of the two and that’s the main reason I am a great business mentor. I mentor small business owners and I also mentor students. I do that in my community. I go to different schools and mentor students that are planning to go to college, planning to open businesses, or students who work already in different industries and I coach them, I mentor them. So, I am part of a group of professionals. I belong to a group that we go to different schools sometimes to mentor those people. We are professionals from different areas so, my area of expertise is management. I mentor along with other people like judges, business owners, baseball, basketball players, it’s all those types of people, that’s what I do. That’s why I am a great business mentor to help you succeed. So, get in contact with me today and you are gonna be on your way to a great success, call me now!