How to improve communication with your employees?

Communicate With Your Employees.

Sometimes, managers lose great employees because they do not communicate things that are taking place, things that are about to occur, things that employees who have the long-term vision of the company care about. Today, I would like to talk about the value of internal communication. What I mean by internal communication is communicating with employees When an employee or potential employee applies for a job, the candidate, the person has the objective of getting a job. It would be nice to reply, right?

Respond To Everyone

It is a good idea for a manager to reply to that person even if the company is not hiring at the time. The manager should at least a short reply, thank you for your application; thank you for your information. Although we are not hiring at this time, I would keep your information and I will let you know if anything opens up.  But you know how many people go nowadays on the internet and spend hours and hours applying for jobs that they never hear from those companies? And some of those companies are national and international well-known companies.

Be On The Same Page To Prevent Potential Problems

The problem with that lack of communication is that a potential employee who will become your internal customer could be your external customer because the employee can judge you as a manager based on what you do. Sometimes you will have people pretending to apply for jobs just to judge how management reacts. Is management responding on time? Is management only training employees or other managers just to be nice to customers, but not to other employees or potential employees? This is important and management should be aware of it. Another thing is when it comes to getting a promotion at the workplace.

Acknowledge The Employee Who Wants To Contribute More

If a company has an opening and an employee that is already there wants to get that job and applies for that job, that position, wouldn’t it be a good idea for the manager in charge to at least acknowledge the employee? There was one lady who wanted to apply for a job at a very big company out there and there was a managerial position she wanted to get. She was more than qualified for the job, a lot of experience (years of experience), a degree. Believe it was a bachelor’s degree or a masters’ degree, the requirement was about a bachelor’s degree. And the department manager did not even have the courtesy to reply to that employee. The employee got very upset and she ended up quitting her job.

Prospecting The Organization Through Mutual Communication

Quitting a job is not the problem, the problem is, in that case, the problem was that the employee took many customers with her. And what is going on now with that company? Well, the company is losing customers, reputation, and creating a bad image. In the current social media environment, how many people do you think know about that company through the employee who wanted to be a manager? Many people may know about it because the person-in-charge, the manager-in-charge did not have the courtesy to reply to an email. Managing today requires effective communication, but more importantly internal communication, communicating with internal customers. So, it is all about communicating, communicating, communicating to get the best results for that organization that you are responsible for.