1.How Effective Training Links Managers and Employees  

Effective training entails management to conceptualize and strategize for better outcomes. Management should take training very seriously so employees can learn the organization’s proper way to do the work. There are many concepts employees need to learn about a service organization such as a restaurant. When hiring new employees, it is important to teach them about great customer service. Employees must learn how to treat customers from the time they enter the door until they leave.

2.Effective Training Can Lead To More Customer Satisfaction

The objective of effective training for better performance should be to give customers what they want while leave lasting impressions in their minds. An organization needs to have a year-round training program that details what employees and managers need to understand to perform the right way. It can be more efficient when management uses a lead by example process. It is important to understand that employees are customers, internal customers as well. An employee would appreciate the training he or she receives especially when it adds a personal development value.

3.The Correlation Between Effective Training And Personal Growth And How It Helps The Organization As A Whole

When done right, it helps the employee grow professionally. There is a connection between education and motivation when prospective outcomes appear promising. In a study showed that if there is room for growth and promotion opportunities within the service organization, employees are willing to engage. One of the participating employees told the author of the study the following: “I am about to begin a cross-training program where I will be working in different departments to learn the inside-outside system. I am extremely excited about . . . When the next promotion comes, it can be me.  Almost every promotion happens from within, and the organization supports you, if you show the desire to move up.”

4.Effective Training Brings More Unity At Work

A second employee added that the support of staff members, the new ones who have been trained by a supervisor or middle managers is great. The employee went on to say that the current general manager started as a dishwasher. The employee indicated that before, management would throw someone as a manager or employee without proper training, but now it has changed and moved on.

5.Regular Training Is A Win-Win For Everyone

It takes years to build a good reputation within an organization but can take minutes or second to ruin it. Today’s employees to be encouraged/motivated to serve and treat all customers with the utmost respect. However, employees and all members of the organization need to be on the same page by receiving effective training for the better. As you can notice, training can serve as an encouragement for employees seeking advancement. Therefore, top management needs to be attentive because employees would notice the level of efficiency as much as customers do. In the end, the objective of effective training should be to minimize customers’ complaints about service and preventing prior mistakes from happening again.

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