The Foodservice Manager Certification credential conveys to the foodservice industry as well as the retail industry that you have the required managerial skills to manage a department or store/unit. Every person who operates or supervises a food establishment that is open to the public needs to have a food manager certification. The certification is a requirement by the local health department, meaning that a food establishment cannot operate without it. Who is A “Food Manager” or “The Person in Charge (PIC)?” He or she is a manager or person who is responsible for the food establishment and/or has direct authority, control, or supervision over employees who engage in the storage, preparation, display, or service of foods. It is important to note that the person-in-charge does not need to have the “Job title” of a manager. The certified person can be a senior employee assigned to oversee the food operation at any given time. A person with a Foodservice Manager Certification is one who has passed an exam, can prove a basic understanding of food safety practices.


  1. The Manager Or Person In Charge (PIC) Must Be Able To Answer Food Safety Questions To Employees And The Health Inspector


This training course provides the students with fundamental concepts and current trends in the food-service industry.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing Food Safety: methods of keeping your food safe
  • Forms of contamination: what are they and how to avoid them?
  • Preventing Cross-Contamination: best business practices
  • The safe food handler: why all employees must follow it
  • The flow of food:
  • Time and Temperature Control: do not let it reach the danger zone
  • Purchasing, receiving and storing: whom to buy from, how to accept or reject, and best-storing practices
  • The process of food Preparation: cooking, cooling, and Reheating
  • Step-by-step of proper cleaning and sanitizing
  • Ways to maintain good personal hygiene
  • Food safety management systems: what you need to have in place
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • Safe facilities and pest management: best ways to keep pest out
  • Food Safety regulations and more…


  1. Advantages Of The Course


When you take this course, you get ahead of those who don’t. There are many professional tips that others do not teach about it. DRV Institute of Management is committed to effective training, providing fast service. Customer service is our forte and you are the number one priority. One of the advantages of taking this course with me is the time you will save. You do not have to wait for weeks or even months to take this course. DRV Institute of Management has open registration and can work around your schedule. You will have the opportunity to have one-on-one interaction where you can ask questions that matter to your situation. Furthermore, you would walk away with ample knowledge about food safety and why it matters in every food establishment. DRV Institute of Management is ready to serve, Get in touch today!


  1. Who Needs To Get The Foodservice Manager Certification?


This is an important question and the DRV Institute of Management is ready to help with it. Generally, anyone who wants to go to an area of hospitality like food and beverage (F&B) in the restaurant area needs it. If you want to join a big restaurant chain or any place that serves food, you need it. If you want to open or manage an assisted living facility or a food truck, you need it, if you want to become a general manager at a hotel, you need it. The DRV Institute of Management wants to provide this course because of the benefits you will get. If you are in high school or college, now is a good time to take this Foodservice Manager Certification course. If you could not finish high school or attend college for any reason, it is a great idea to get this valuable certification. You may want to start your own business and it would certainly open new opportunities to grow!

  1. How long is the course?


The time to complete this course is typically 8 hours for training and 2 hours for the exam when you do it with anyone. It takes an entire day, so you need to prepare for a long day. When you take this course with the DRV Institute of Management, the time to complete the course is about 4 hours. It is less than half the time it takes with someone else. When I talk about 4 hours, I am including the review process and taking the exam, which is designed to be finished in 2 hours. As mentioned, the one I could provide takes only four hours because I employ practical strategies. Based on your experience, the whole process can take less time, it is time to start!