How to Gain Consumer Confidence in the Restaurant Industry

Most business organizations are pivoting operations and conducting business online; it is worth mentioning that during these difficult times, only companies that strategize would survive. Recently, I appeared as a guest at the webinar series of the Global Trade Chamber and spoke about ways to gain consumer confidence in the restaurant industry. If there is one thing that is not going away is the industry because people eat every day. While the industry may not go away entirely, about 40% of restaurants in the United States have already closed; only 20% of them are likely to return or reopen again as reported by the James Beard Foundation. As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” so goes the restaurant sector and it could not be closer to the truth.


One restaurant owner in Texas saw an increase of more than 130 percent at her restaurant after she espoused an online method of operation. Throughout the webinar, I highlighted steps that restaurateurs need to take to bring consumers back, increase sales, outperform the competition, and survive. Some of the steps included employee training on customer relations to increase sales, adding a food safety system, and using it diligently. Regarding training, the hosts asked about other certifications the DRV Institute of Management offers. I responded that it offers practical business training and courses to help small business owners stay current.  Restaurant owners/ managers need to be online so customers can order and pay using their phones.


It mentioned the importance of adjusting items within restaurant menus that are not as relevant as they once were. It is due to the fact that some restaurants have been operating at 50% capacity. To compensate it, a restaurant can increase its delivery capacity or even operate from a warehousing district to save on rent. In India, the main challenge restaurants face is rent in addition to the inability to function at the capacity level they wish.  The bottom line, it is important to distinguish and to be unique so a restaurant can survive and succeed at the same time. The webinar was about operating online and reconnecting worldwide since the restaurant industry is a global one, it was the ideal topic to highlight.

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Gain Consumer Confidence in the Restaurant Industry

Gain Consumer Confidence in the Restaurant Industry presented by Dr. Dario Vasquez.I’ve been to many restaurants and seen some employees not wearing gloves, is that normal?How can a restaurant increase sales?Before now, building consumer confidence was considered a good business practice as a way of enticing or keeping customers. From now on, striving to create consumer confidence must be done if you want to get customers entering your door especially in the restaurant business.Tel 954-534-1813 email: Tel:954-839-8866 #restaurants #business #globaltradechamber

Posted by Global Trade Chamber on Thursday, 2 July 2020