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Get Up To $26,000 Per W2 Employee As A Business Grant From The Cares Act For Retaining Employees In 2021 Or 2020 Some business owners with W2 employees and many things to take care of may not be aware of money out there in the form of a business grant (s) from the Cares Act. […]

Get Up To $26,000 Per W2 Employee As A Business Grant From The Cares Act For Retaining Employees In 2021 Or 2020

Some business owners with W2 employees and many things to take care of may not be aware of money out there in the form of a business grant (s) from the Cares Act. ERC (employee retention credit) is a way to reward employers who retained employees in 2021 or 2020. Please apply for it today!


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Have you received or are you familiar with employee retention credit (ERC), also known as the employee retention tax credit (ERTC) from the Cares Act? Get up to $26K per employee! Please note that you must have had W-2 employees in 2021 or 2020 to qualify (Not 1099 Contractors). Please act fast because it is a one-time credit, and once the money is gone, it is over.


Did you have W-2 employees in 2021 or 2020? If so, did you know that you can get the employee retention tax credit, also known as the employee retention tax credit (ERTC)? This program was created when the Cares Act was signed into law in 2020 to incentivize employers to keep employees on the payroll. You may remember when the United States Small Business Administration the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) was a forgivable loan. I received it and got it forgiven. I assisted small business owners who received it and got the forgiveness.


The employee retention credit is provided by the IRS which operates under the treasury department. As a business owner, you can get the credit in the form of a business grant for retaining your employees during the time-period highlighted before. Do not assume your business would not qualify because you received PPP draw 1 or draw 2, there is money for you! It doesn’t matter if you got your PPP or not, it is money available for you. So, apply and you would be happy and fine with that business grant through the employee retention credit.


Required Documents

Make sure you have all your business documents information before starting the application process. It is essential because you will not have to redo and be in the back of the line if you do everything right. Things you should by heart include the number of W2 employees in 2020 and 2021, how much money you received from PPP, and whether you had a decrease in business compared to the preview year. Once you fill out the questionnaire for the qualification, you will receive an email asking you to upload some requirements. The required Documents include Federal 941 forms (one for each quarter with matching EIN Number) 2020: Q2, Q3, Q4 and for 2021: Q1, Q2, Q3.


If you received PPP: Loan #, Amount Received, Date Received, and how long did it take you to meet the forgiveness requirements? It is critical to expedite the process that the payroll report has No Social Security Numbers, so block out social security numbers and checking account numbers for protection purposes. If using a PEO (Professional Employer Organization), please ask for an allocation report or payroll journal.


It is important to remember that you need to have 941 forms, a summary of your payroll showing the number of employees you pay, and so forth. Once again, if you received any PPP, you need to have that documentation/information ready because you need to upload those documents to complete the application. You will be answering a questionnaire to see if you qualify, utilizing the link below in this article.


The good thing about applying for Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is you don’t have to pay the company in advance. The company is gonna to charge you like 15 percentage of whatever amount you get when you get your money. So, what it means is you don’t have anything to lose here other than investing 20 or 25 minutes of your time. Believe me, if you are in business and you get up to 26 000 per employee you, can do the math. That way, you know you how much money you can get if everything is correct.


I just wanted to share this information with you because many business owners do not know about the employee retention credit, which is a business grant the government is offering. If you have questions or need my help, let me know, and I can walk you through as I have done with some of my current and former clients. Yesterday, I walked a couple of people through simply because they needed to do other things. Guess what? It took us about 27 minutes to finish. Please don’t procrastinate and get it out of your way today!



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