ServSafe Certificate from an expert trainer.
Get your ServSafe Manager Certification today from an industry expert and committed trainer.
Why should you take this ServSafe certification class with me to comply with regulatory authorities? I have a 99.9% passing rate, unique availability and work around your schedule to accommodate you!

I am Dario Vasquez and I am here today to offer you my service in terms of ServSafe certification in florida. What it is…It is something that anyone thinking even in going into the restaurant industry; at a matter fact, any food establishment whether it is hospital, assisted living facility, daycare, nursing facility, a school, nutrition facility and the like or cruise ship and what it is the person/an establishment needs to have one person in charge that is certified at all times. And I am here to provide that training to you whether one-one or whether you have 10 people, 20 people. We can do it at my office, or I can go to your site because I know sometimes you really busy and some you don’t have time to do that. I have done it many times where I’ve driven to many places, far away…One or two hours away. I have certified those managers and now those managers are running their businesses whether it is at an airport, cruise line, downtown city anywhere. So, I am available to provide that service to you and as I said before,
I can do one-on-one or in a group of ten. I am an educator so; I am not just a ServSafe trainer. So, I would be able to provide you with strategies on how to study to work with your Servsafe exam. As you know the exam only has 90 questions and you need to answer all of them. You need to get 75 percent to pass and talking about passing, did you know that I have 99.9% passing rate?  So, because I provide the techniques and strategies for managers to basically, what I want you to do is to be able to provide good food and sanitary to customers out there and to be prepared most importantly when the health inspector shows up that you would be really to answer questions. Not to be looking around as though you don’t know anything like that. Just be normal, the health inspector shows up, may I see the manager please? You come out wherever you are, and you go answers those questions and you correct those problems right on the spot. That’s why I am here because I have been doing that hospitality industry for about 17 years and I’ve been teaching for about 10 that why I decided to bring in my hospitality expertise to this kind of training environment so I can help all of you provide safe food. So, if you would like just get in contact with me. You can call me at 954-534-1813 and schedule an appointment with me. I have done it on the same day, one day later or anytime. So, I work around your schedule because I want you to succeed because if you succeed, you provide better financial performance to your company and contribute to the community, employ employees and all the good things.  so call me at 954-534-1813 and I am ready to serve you.