The Process Of Getting Servsafe Certified With DRV Institute Of Management

You are about to open your foodservice establishment in a few days now that everything is in place. However, after you passed the fire inspection, the electrical inspection, the backflow inspection by a professional (certified plumbing company), the city inspection, you feel some celebration! But there comes the last inspection from the local health department and the inspector wants to see your ServSafe Certification, which you totally forgot while doing all of that. You start to worry and do an internet search to take the exam that you have not study yet. You contact four (4) providers hoping that one of them would reply right away, but you get no answers. You contact one more provider and this time, you get a sense of relief just to find out that you must wait for two weeks to get it. The process of getting ServSafe certified with the DRV Institute Of Management is an easy one as you do not have to wait for weeks or even months to get it done.


  1. Servsafe Training With No Appointment

The DRV Institute Of Management is here to help you from the start. It means you do not need an appointment to get ServSafe certified. The institute has an open schedule and therefore, is available to work with you one-on-one or in a group. Most people get ServSafe certified on the same day, all they need to do is to contact us to arrange a time for the exam. After you make the payment, you receive your learning materials. Then, you go over them before you get to review with a certified instructor who has A 99.9% passing rate. The review process is a conversation rather than a lecture where you and the certified instructor cover all aspects of food safety and sanitation. Wow, no appointment, no lecture and just a conversation on how to keep your restaurant prepared for any unannounced inspection! It is a win-win situation. If you cannot go to the certified instructor’s location, the certified instructor will go to your location. You would need a computer or any smart device to take the exam. You will take the exam online, get your score right away, and your certificate the same day!


  1. Hospitality Food Training

Hospitality is the art of being hospitable and it is vital in the food industry.

Food training is essential for several reasons such as memorizing items from the menu and depicting certain ingredients to clients. The process of getting Servsafe certified with DRV Institute Of Management includes more than you might think. During the review process, you learn about hospitality food training from a management perspective. For example, you learn techniques on how to train employees about keeping the food safe, how to minimize potential loss, and how to keep your customers satisfied. It is worth noting that hospitality food training should be inclusive where everyone aims to achieve a mutual goal. Hospitality food training has been important for years, but it is extremely important now that restaurants want to bring customers back as a result of COVID 19. The more hospitality food training you embrace, the more likely you are to learn how to keep food safe.

  1. Get ServSafe Certified

Getting Servsafe certified with DRV Institute of Management is the best personal or organizational investment you can make. Why? The certification is nationally recognized, is issued by the National Restaurant Association, is valid for 5 years and stays with you in case you relocate or change employment. DRV Institute of Management is committed to helping you get ServSafe certified on time. You should get certified with DRV Institute of Management if you are a business owner or planning to become one. How about if you just want to work as a manager for somebody? Getting Servsafe certified with DRV Institute of Management is required because most restaurant owners say they would hire someone who has a ServSafe certification over someone who doesn’t. Right now, you might be thinking about opening a homebased cake or cookie business to sell online. You need to be ServSafe Certified to operate from home and to sell to individuals.

  1. The Advantages Of Getting Servsafe Certified With DRV Institute Of Management

The process is easy, convenient, and flexible; it is unlike any other. The certified instructor goes the extra mile to ensure you pass and are prepared to manage your food operation. You would walk away with extra knowledge (EK) about general management. You will have a piece of mind and get your ServSafe Certification on time. You would have a high level of confidence on how to do your job and grow! Finally, you only pay one price, and everything is included like the access code and unique number to logon into the site for the exam. Please don’t wait and start the ServSafe certification process today.