Hello, and welcome back to my channel where I basically talk business all the time. Today, I 
would talk about customer service in terms of customer service and training because what happens is customer service, everything you do in a company depends on customer service. It is like selling. If you have a product or service and you don’t get people to buy it, you are not gonna be making any sales. You are not gonna be generating any revenue. But did you know that by providing attentive customer service to every customer, you can succeed and do much better than the competition? That is right because recently, a lady went to a place to buy something for a computer, right and she ended up getting what she was looking for after being wandering around the store for a good 15 minutes. And the question is simple, from the time you see someone walking into your door, you need to be attentive, you need to be focusing on the customer. Why? Because a customer might come into your business or nowadays, most likely, 
the customer is going to go online to buy something from your business, and there are many things that you need to pay attention to. So, that lady went to that store and bought the computer, 
something related to computer kind of tools. She got something of what she needed, but went 
back the next day, had some questions, and the same employee that took care of her the day 
before said, “I am not in that area today, so I can’t help you.” 
The lady was okay, so she went to another employee; the other was extremely busy and couldn’t take care of her needs. So, she went home and a couple of weeks later, went back to return whatever she bought and guess what company. The company ended up losing money, not only losing money but losing a customer. And did you know that losing a customer now is totally different from before because that customer probably spoke with hundreds of people and you know now, customers, they go on social media? And they don’t care about you because one thing about customers is, customers, go to your business or go on your website or call you to try to do business with you because they have needs. And they have urgencies, they have problems that they hope you will be able to solve and if you are able to solve their problems, and then you provide that outstanding customer service! Get what happens, what happens is you are going/you are likely to keep those customers and then, you are not going to invest a lot of money in marketing and advertising and the like to try to get new customers.  
Most customers don’t care how busy you are; they don’t care how much you know; they don’t care what type of product or service you have. What they care about is okay, we are here today, 
or we are clicking on this site today because this is what we need. And the question they have is simple, can you satisfy our needs? If you could do that, then you win the customer. Customer service and training: those two things go along because what happens is when you have employees, you need to share with them your company’s core values. You need to pass on the information that you want your customers to get to your employees first because remember, and your employees are your internal customers. And if they are not informed of what is going on, 
how to act, and how to pay customers, you end up losing. Almost in every video I make, I talk about customer service because I know from experience working in the hospitality industry for so many years, more than 17 years, and now through my consulting work. I work with a lot of people in the hospitality industry, in the service industry. I know that customer service is the most important thing you should do in your company because, if you don’t have good customer service, employees are going to… You’re going to have high employee turnover. Customers are not going to return, and you need to take care of your customers.  
Now, one thing I do is, I do provide customer service training and all you need to do, you can look at the description below. You can check my website. And I have a lot of information, I 
know that a program might have something that I have on my website, it’s not going to be everything that you will need to do. You will need to satisfy your own needs, so I’m open to customizing a program for you and your employees because, I know one size doesn’t fit all. One 
side doesn’t fit all and that’s why sometimes you might get a training from somewhere, and you have like a program directed to you instead of something that you and the person offering the training will develop together. So, I do provide customer service training for 90 minutes. I have one for 90 minutes, I have one for it could be for a couple of hours depending on your needs. I 
have a class that I offer online, and through this platform using video conferencing for 90 
minutes, another one is for two hours. One is for an entire day.  
If you need me for an entire day, I will be able to share everything about customer service with you. Everything you need to know, why should you treat the customer as the most important person in your company whether the customer is spending one dollar, a hundred dollars, a
thousand dollars, or ten thousand dollars, doesn’t matter. Why do you need to have the VIP
the mentality in your company? There are many things that I can work with you. You can reach out to me and work something together because I like people to succeed in business, and I like business to succeed, so that’s what I’m here for. So, you can get in contact with me, and I work with you. So, I’m ready to work with you, and I keep like an open schedule. I don’t have like oaky training next month, training no. It’s like you get in contact with me and we work out on what you need. And we work from there, so that is why I provide my customer service. So, get in contact with me and we work together so bye for now!