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As a business owner, the number one goal you should have is to grow. You should keep your business going whether you are onsite or on the road by getting the professional consulting services your business needs to succeed!

As a management consultant, I will provide the following services:

  • Management expertise and coaching

  • Representation and promotions at different local events and business conferences

  • Organize the business by ensuring all permits are in order and compliance with local, state, and national laws if needed

  • Professional advice on negotiating contracts, decision making, and leadership

  • Training on food safety and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970 to avoid sanitation/safety violations

  • Guidance on how to keep the restaurant, clean to provide quality food as well as service and to pass the Health Inspection every time an inspector comes

  • Make myself available to the owner and managers by text, e-mail, or cellphone 24/7

  • Help create performance standards for effective management if needed

  • Create job descriptions for managers and employees

  • Guidance on how to design an incentive program if required

  • Guidance on how to acquire and retain international tourists

  • Provide cross-training to all employees so customers can get the best service

  • Coaching on the hiring process by providing strategies on personnel selection

  • Guide on how to provide effective feedback, coaching, when evaluating employees

  • Advice on the selection of suppliers and vendors

  • Coaching on maintaining effective inventory

  • Practical customer service training and more.

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