Business English


Total Hours:



12 weeks   


English is a global business language and students are going to be exposed to a diversity of learning strategies to utilize as a second language in academia and professional environments. The program provides the necessary English skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s global environment. This professional training course includes video sessions with study materials, practical conversations with native English speakers via Zoom, interactive learning, and interaction with guest speakers who are business owners.

This program is different because:

  • Some students can write using translation, but cannot have concrete conversions
  • They will learn from bilingual educators first
  • Practice with native speakers second
  • Use strategic learning materials
  • Learn and apply business terms
  • Learn how to negotiate with international audiences
  • How to interact with global entrepreneurs
  • How to conduct international business

We offer personalized training and can create a customized package to meet your specific business needs!

Special Note: After completing this International English program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion from the DRV Institute of Management in the United States.



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