Managing Customer Service: A Practical Guide to Thrive


This book is designed for entry-level employees, managers, and students. The book is ideal for managers at all levels and in any industry as it centers on customer service. It is also ideal for students at the undergraduate as well as graduate levels majoring in business and hospitality. The book serves as a guide for people who want to learn about international business and management. Managers can use this book as a training tool with an emphasis on effective management, leadership, globalization, or personal development. Managers can also use this book as a quick reference to make decisions aimed at providing attentive customer service from a global perspective and exporting to create wow moments.

This book provides key recommendations to managers on how serve customers well. Some of the recommendations include: keeping the promise, valuing the customer, the customer is right, educational approach to internal growth, effective training, displaying professionalism, and the importance of ethics. It can prepare an organization and its employees to deliver outstanding service. In this book, I inform leaders, managers, and students the importance of managing customer service effectively from a global perspective. Managing customer service requires managers to have global knowledge. Globalization is getting the world interconnected as a result of a service economy and advancement in technology.

Today’s managers need to embrace innovation, welcome new ideas and empower employees. Business organizations lose one of their greatest assets, human capital when they fail to retain good employees. This book is significant because it contributes to the body of literature in the management field and offers strategic solutions to industry leaders. Reading this book is advantageous as it provides some of the employment measurements the service industry needs to employ; thus, it can retain employees and satisfy customers. This book will benefit the service industry around the world as providing attentive customer service is the way of growing a business.



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