One-Day Management Course





One day


general management, managing various resources, managerial decision making, local & global strategies

Intended audience:

business owners & managers


What Would Participants Learn?

When it comes to management, it is about understanding that it is a science. Participants would learn about key components and the importance of taking a practical approach to growth. They would learn why some companies thrive when others demise. Plus, participants would learn the ins and outs of running a business from a practising manager. industry expert and educator committed to assisting those in business.

This one-day management course provides fundamental management skills and knowledge of global business to compete in the current global environment. The training focuses on factors that contribute to successful organizational performance. In one single day, Dario Vasquez will help you on acquiring or enhancing key skills about general management, managerial decision making, strategies, and key managerial practices. You will walk away with a wealth of hands-on information about, planning, customer service, employee retention, employee motivation, increasing sales, empowerment, organizational culture, country culture, globalization, export, and leadership. You would put your new management skills in practice and increase performance, effectiveness, and obtain positive results.

This is the most convenient and affordable way to get practical business management training without spending years in college and paying a large amount of money. This is an extremely valuable tool for you or someone in business who wants to learn the right way.


Training Method

The training format is online using the Zoom video conferencing platform, where the trainer and participants interact live! If clients prefer, the training can be facilitated on-site (at the clients’ location) based on the number of people, and arrangements occur beforehand. Start enhancing your professional, business, & managerial knowledge skills in one day to stand out and create wow moments while helping others. Dario from the DRV Institute of Management is ready to train you the right way.



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