Are You A Student of Hospitality or a High School Student? Then, you need to get your Servsafe Certificate now to be ready before graduation!


Are you a student of hospitality and tourism especially here in Florida where we have, Florida is a tourist destination, did you know that? Because Florida usually generates more than a million jobs a year. So, do you want to be one of those managers out there or managing those places? But what it is, I provide the ServSafe certificate Miami Area, a ServSafe certification that you need if you want to go in an area of hospitality let say into the F&B (food and beverage) in the restaurant area, or, if you want to join a big restaurant chain, anything like that. And what I want you to do is now when  you are in college, it is a great idea or in high school planning to go to college is a good idea and get prepped, get prepared because most restaurant owners say they would hire someone who has a ServSafe certification over someone who doesn’t. So, as an educator I just want to help all of you because I want all of you to succeed in your career, your professional career and in life. And I believe by providing you that practical training, sure there an exam that you need to pass 90 questions, but I have been teaching for about 10 years. I have strategies to help you with that so we can do it in one day or we can do it in a few weeks. It is up to you. I work around your schedule and even around your school and I would be able to help you prepare for your career so let me know. Call me and I would be able, would be more than happy to work with you to help you succeed.