This is Dario and did you notice, I believe last week there was an employee at Starbucks in Tempe Arizona that asked some police officers to leave the premises. Did you know that. have you seen the video yet but what do you think? Well I just want to touch a little bit here about customer service because what it is, if you are a company, that you are open. You are open, that means you’re open to the public to the public. Everyone who comes should be served with the most respect atmosphere.  But those police officers who went into the Starbucks according to a report, I was watching some videos from the news and there was a customer that said, “I don’t feel safe, I feel uncomfortable.” And one employee who probably wasn’t trained properly about customer service and understanding that a customer is right to be served the right product in that case of right coffee and that the employee simply left.


So but the question is, remember about two years ago when Starbucks closed for an entire day ended up closing about I believe 8,500 stores and to provide  “Sensitivity training” to those employees, so was that employee trained on that or what happened? Why did it happen again this weekend on the 4th of July weekend?   So, if you don’t have the answer to that question, guess what, I can help you because I can go over there and provide a customer service training to your employees and I guarantee you’re gonna be talking about many things I can talk about unemployment the economy global  cultures, national security, law enforcement and why law enforcement is needed. Whenever you have an emergency; who do you call, would you call the customer that was complaining about law enforcement or do you call law enforcement?  Come on, you run business, you should know how it works. So, I just wanted to… I know some of you may have watched some of the videos over there from CBS and other news outlets but I just want to let you know that I also provide a service and customer service training. 


I actually have a book on customer service available on Amazon, you can look it up “Managing customer service a practical guide to thrive.”  That book talks about management, but from a customer service perspective and this is important for those employees to understand that maybe some of the employees at Starbucks  can save don’t drink a cup of coffee for a week or two and buy the book it is only $10 dollars.  I lowered the price on Amazon but what is important is, a company like Starbucks should train those employees properly and constantly because it is a big company. It has a good a reputation, a lot of people go over there to have meetings. I have met with people over there. And remember that couple, two gentlemen that went over there to talk about real estate about two years ago and one of them simply asked to use the restroom but a manager said no you are not allowed to use the restroom because you are not paying a customer?



That you know, that was what brought in the sensitivity training, but the manager probably wasn’t trained properly. But I think I have an answer to that question, you know why? Because those managers in those restaurants are extremely busy.  I was a restaurant a manager, I train restaurant managers now… But I didn’t, I have done it myself and I remember putting 60 hours a week 80 hours a week. You think at that time, I didn’t have time to accommodate everyone, everything in the same way that was because corporate.  Sometimes corporate will ask employees and managers to do certain things that could be too much for them and, but knowing that and that, what I can do, I can provide a simple customer service training.  I can help you keep more customers happy coming back you have a lot of tourists coming in from different places. And you want your business to thrive because the more your business  thrives the better the economy and the better employees will be making money and …You would contribute to the community and so forth so call  me 9545341813 and I guarantee you I will be able to help you succeed!