How to open a restaurant in South Florida?

The process of opening a restaurant involves many factors and you should always keep them in mind. The process is not as challenging as it might seem if you work with your team. The key to opening a restaurant successfully is to provide training to your employees beforehand. That is right, by training your employees in advance, you are on the path to a right start. The process includes getting different permits such as SERVSAFE Certification that every person in charge needs to have during hours of operations. The process requires you to register the name of your restaurant to ensure it is not already taken and to open your business bank account. You should consider the steps below as part of the process.

1.Location of The Restaurant

As you may have heard, location is an important factor when planning to open a restaurant in terms of customer traffic. It is especially important because depending on the city or town, getting all your permits can present some challenges. Some cities are more business friendly than others, please make sure you do your research. You would be dealing with different inspectors as part of the process so they will want to visit your location before you open.

2. Registering The Name Of Your Restaurant

Registering the name of your restaurant is paramount because if it is not available, you cannot obtain all the necessary permits and get the green light to start. It is a good idea to have different names in mind. You need your restaurant name registered on Sunbiz to get your employer identification number (EIN) for tax purposes, open a business account, create a website, protect your brand and so forth.

 3. The Menu

The menu is the identification of your restaurant, it tells your potential customers what the restaurant is all about and why they should visit. You need to be creative and present a menu that makes your restaurant unique and desirable. When it comes to designing your restaurant menu, you should think like a customer. It should be easy to read and not overloaded with too many items. The more you differentiate, the better the process becomes to open and operate your restaurant.

4.The Benefits of Working With An Industry Expert 

The process of opening a restaurant can be overwhelming because of the many things one must do, but it does not have to be that way. The benefits of working with an industry expert, consultant are valuable because…The expert is able to help you with selecting the location, registering your restaurant and getting all your permits, organizing it in terms of purchasing equipment/ kitchen appliances, hiring employees, and designing your menu. The industry expert works with you on determining the three (3) most important factors to run the restaurant: rent cost, food cost, payroll or labor cost. When you have those factors under control in advance, you can thrive! When working with an expert, please make sure he or she has vast experience about the restaurant sector and a high level of education. As you can see, working with the right expert provides many benefits. You should not work alone, get the help you need to succeed because together, you can do better.

5.Training Your Employees

Part of the process includes training your employees so the opening day, you are all on the same page. The ultimate is to start right by understanding your restaurant mission, objectives, and desired results. By training all your employees before opening, you create internal loyalty. Why? Because they would notice that you are investing in them even prior to stating generating revenue. Employees might see themselves as “Owners” and likely work more effectively to make your new restaurant successful. Remember that the process of opening your restaurant involves many factors and training your employees is one of them, do it right and you would be fine!