Many restaurant managers or foodservice professionals know/should that their successes or failures depend on the quality of food they serve. Today’s customers look for effective managers and knowledgeable employees. One way to ensure it is by having professionally trained and certified employees.

Did you know that you need to be ServSafe Certified before opening or managing a foodservice establishment? Local regulations and the regulatory authorities always require a ServSafe Certified person on premises. The manager or person in charge (PIC) must be able to answer food safety questions to employees and the health inspector. I have trained and proctored foodservice professionals including, but not limited to: Airports, Assisted Living Facilities, Bakery Owners, Cooks, Cruise lines, Churches, Food Manufacturing managers, High School Principals, Hospital Chefs, Nutritionists, Restaurant Owners/Managers, Supermarket Managers, Tower Club Managers and more… 

Consumer confidence

Food is something that unites people and becomes better when customers realize that a restaurant operates differently than its competitors. In this industry, you want to be the best in town; your objective should always be to WOW your customers. Certifying all restaurant employees would lead to high level of consumer confidence. Today’s customers want the best and tend to give repeat business when their expectations are met. The ServSafe Certification is valid for five (5) years and employees would most likely stay with you. It is important to understand that customers tend to return to a business they know employees and trust! It is an advantage having your restaurant employees certified with SERVSAFE. 

Be Ahead of the Competition

Before now, building consumer confidence was considered a good business practice as a way of enticing or keeping customers. From now on, striving to create consumer confidence must be done if you want to get customers entering your door especially in the restaurant business. Why? Because many potential customers might be reluctant to visit a food establishment if they doubt. The Covid-19 pandemic has been forcing every restaurant to pivot its model, way of operation and now is the time for you to create momentum! Offering customized training to your employees can place you ahead of your competitors. It can help generate more business. That is exactly what you want. Getting all your employees ServSafe certified can certainly distinguish you from other specialists in the food industry, showing that you have a validated commitment to understanding and caring about those who visit your business. This can give you an advantage, which is particularly important in today’s competitive market. Keeping abreast of current trends can be a powerful and put you on your way to become the most recognizable food establishment in the area.

Develop Expertise and Unique Abilities

By obtaining new and updated industry information or techniques, you can improve existing work practices that may be causing inefficiencies or quality issues with your productivity while at the same time boosting your experiences. This can help give you the skills and confidence to try something new such as establishing the groundwork to implement a more sophisticated working environment for your consultancy. Furthermore, it can give you a better understanding about current food code to comply with state industry standards.

Boost Earning Potential

The time and effort invested in professional certifications often results in more revenue. Most customers will be aware of the higher costs connected with specialized training and are willing to pay for more for food served by those with industry certifications because of extra efforts made by an organization. Good quality matters and not only managers, but also employees need to have a great understanding about it. The more strategic training employees receive, the more effective they would work and the more money your restaurant can make. This is an advantage you wouldn’t want to take for granted; make your team the best and achieve great success.

Lower Food Cost/Waste By Being On the Same Page

When every employee knows how to operate the restaurant in an effective way and everyone is on the same page, there is going to be less food waste. Controlling waste is a great advantage because everything can be accounted for and each employee understands the importance of being efficient. For example, if a produce shows any sign of temperature abuse, any member of the organization can take appropriate measures. In the end, a restaurant that has its employees certified with SERVSAFE and on the same page is on the way to do great!