The Current Situation Of COVID 19 And How This Has Affected And Will Continue To Affect The Restaurant Business. But, How A SERVSAFE Certification Could Improve The Customer’s Trust In Restaurants To Return To Dine In.


Right now, many restaurants are down in sales and many customers may not want to return unless they feel safe. The current situation of COVID 19 has affected and will continue to affect how the restaurant business operates. Prior to COVID 19, restaurants operated at full capacity, whereas now, they are mandated to operate at half or a reduced capacity for health reasons. Now that most cities and states are allowing food establishments to open at 25 or 50 percent capacity, it is time to focus on food safety training to gain or regain the trust that may have gotten lost. I can help you right away!


1.What Can Be Done Right Now To Improve The Customers’ Trust In Restaurants To Return To Dine In?


Getting a SERVSAFE certification could improve the customer’s trust in your restaurant and to return to dine in over and over. That is what you want because it means repeat business and new loyalty in the new normal. To survive this current COVID 19 situation, you should make a big differentiation to get customers to dine in your restaurant. You should not charge a COVID 19 fee to customers because they would not like it. They may distrust you and feel that they are paying for something unrelated to dining in. You should gain trust through transparency and open communication. It is important to let customers know the measures you are taking regarding a SERVSAFE certification training for all your managers and employees.


2.What Some Restaurant Owners Are Missing


Managing a restaurant is a difficult task, be there and done it.  you could be missing the most important recipe or factor around your restaurant, which is the customer’s trust. If your customers believe you are taking every necessary step to make sure your restaurant is cleaner than someone else’s, they could start to trust you. If the opposite occurs, customers will go away and not return. Now is more important than ever to focus on food safety training to all employees and adjust to the current situation. Many customers are willing to go out again to eat and to have memorable dining experiences, but perhaps they want to feel a sense of trust.


3.The New Normal In Restaurants


In a recent a webinar, a panel of women entrepreneurs from the restaurant industry discussed strategies they espoused at the beginning of this current pandemic. During the discussion, the women restaurateurs (restaurant owners) talked about what they did to keep their restaurants going. While they spoke about adding new items including toilet papers or hand sanitizers to increase sales through curbside pickup or delivery, they may have forgotten to mention something about cleaning/sanitation. Is it the way to keep your restaurant operating in this current situation to get your customers’ trust? No, you must cover all business aspects to gain trust in this new COVID 19 situation/environment. Working with a certified SERVSAFE Instructor and proctor like myself can help you develop new strategies to gain the customer’s trust that is currently lost. We can work together to get restaurants better!


4. As A Restaurant Owner, How Can You Demonstrate Trust Especially To The Dine-In Customers? 


You need to embrace the new normal if you want to stay competitive and keep your customers; ServSafe training is a way to gain trust. If you have a large restaurant with a partition, bring a food safety expert from outside to provide the ServSafe training. When customers see what you are doing in this current COVID 19 situation, they can place trust in your organization. This is something you do not want to miss so strive to gain customer’s trust to grow… You should share your ServSafe certification and training on social media so your customers can trust your restaurant ahead of time.


5. How To Manage The Current Situation Of COVID 19 And Survive?


The pandemic can slow down, but so the restaurant business and only owners who do things right will survive. Some restaurants have been getting some sales by utilizing drive-thru systems; however, others do not have the settings to do so. They may want to start rearranging their sitting capacities to gain trust and consumer confidence so customers can get extraordinary dine-in experiences. The ServSafe Certification is the best short-term investment a food operator can make. Remember that it takes money to make money and you only succeed when you train your employees. Why? Because the Covid-19 pandemic has been forcing every restaurant to pivot its operation. In these uncertain times and certainly from now on, restaurants need to add frequent cleanliness and sanitation in front of customers to gain or better yet, regain trust from them. I am here to help so you can keep up-to-date!