I’m Dr. Dario Vasquez and today, I want to talk about a very important topic that actually affects every company out there. Every company, regardless of the industry or sector and this is about the customer is right. There have been many debates in the past on whether a customer is always right or is not always right, so, I came out with a book titled Managing Customer Service: A Practical Guide to Thrive. And I developed that section in the book where it says that the customer is right. Why? Because the customer is right to get attenuative, effective service, the customer is right to get a quality product, the customer is right to get a great personality and friendly atmosphere and safety. So, the customer is right to all of that. Now, one thing about whether a customer is always right or not is that managers should train employees to never take anything personally and to never engage in a heated debate with customers.


No employee should do that, an employee should be trained to maintain calm and to remember one thing, the customer is there looking for a service or product. So, the employee should be prepared to satisfy the customer in any way possible and if the customer complaints, guess what, that what the employee is there for; o make that customer’s day go better. That is, sometimes a customer might be driving for a long time, a customer is probably going to a restaurant, hotel, or to take a cruise. Actually, how about returning from a cruise and going to a hotel and that customer was probably pushed to disembark fast. Why? Because the cruise wanted to get new passengers aboard or probably the customer was a passenger on a plane and the plane was delayed and the customer is already irate. You don’t know what is going on with the customer, but the customer just wants to it out his or her chest. Sometimes would present a negative attitude, but guess what, what you do is work with the customer.


Always give the benefit of the doubt, do not engage in a heated debate, and also, it is you as an employee. But how about as a manager?  Sometimes, a customer would go and complains to management and if you manager cite with the customer and ignore the employee, then you are making a mistake. Why? Because employees are your internal customers anyway. And did you know that if employees are not happy with you and your company, what time of service do you think they would provide to paying customers, consuming customers? Because one thing to remember is this, yes, the customer is right, and the employee has a right to know at what time he or she is going to work. The employee has the right to know what is his or her schedule, the employee wants to know what are the benefits the company is offering.


So, that is why the customer is right and if you are a manager, you have a commitment to two customers; the producing customers who are your employees, internal customers, and your consuming customers that are the ones who purchase your goods or services. So, the customer is right to be satisfied, the customer is right to be treated nicely, the customer is right to be treated as a customer, and to be treated with the utmost respect by everyone in the organization. So, I hope this short video would help you. And if you need to contact me, feel free to send me a message even on Twitter @Drdariovasquez or you can Google my name, Dr. Dario Vasquez. If you want to do that, purchase a copy of my book and my contact information is there because I’ve seen a lot of companies losing too many customers for reasons that are avoidable. So, the customer is right, and you should strive to keep the customer happy at all times. Thank you!