I am Dr. Dario Vasquez and today I want to…A little while ago, I recoded a video titled “The Customer Is Right” and today I want to talk about customer service because a business without good customer service is like a computer without software that it doesn’t go anywhere. I recently went to re restaurant and I noticed a couple of people like doing business over there, having breakfast. And they were there for a while, but they were spending money and drinking coffee and ordering breakfast and the like. And all the sudden, a server (a waitress) came in and asked (told) one of them, “You have to leave.” I was like wow; the person has to leave even though the person is spending some money. So, it was a gentleman I believe like a couple a man and a woman. So the woman said, “How about if we buy more coffee?” The server said, “No because I only make $5. 23 per hour.” When the couple was leaving, I reached out into the parking lot and because the lady looked very upset and I said no what happens is this place probably needs a little bit more training. So that is a problem, if you have a business, you want to treat your customers as the most important assets of your company. Now, I have one simple question for you.

Are some of your customers not returning or some of your employees not staying? Then, I do provide customer service training which is only 90 minutes.  In 90 minutes, I can provide that and I would be sharing some of my research findings and my 17 years in the hospitality industry by the way. And I guarantee that you and your employees would be having more customers. You are gonna have better business, you gonna have better image and you would be able to understand that the customer is right! Yes, I mentioned that via video, the customer is right. What it is, employees need to understand that the customer needs to be treated as a human when they are serving that customer. So if you would like, I am available and you can reach out to me. Send me an e-mail dario@drvinstitute.com or call me my cellphone 954-534-1813 and I would more than happy to work with you because… I am concerned about customers and employees because another thing is this… If your employees are not happy, do you think that they will provide attentive customer service? Just think about that if you a manager out there or a business owner. So, this is what I do and I love to help people; I like to help students, employees and business owners. If you think that I can serve you, it would be my pleasure to work with you.

Thank you very much.